5 solid BlackHat forum to learn to Blackhat SEO

These are the best blackhat seo forum I’ve found useful for learning Internet Marketing, search engine optimization techniques, Black Hat Seo, Cloaking, Blogging, Automatic Content Generation, blackhat money making methods.

1 BlackHatGoldThis site is dedicated to black hat SEO and white hat forums. It is free to register and if you have
any problems you are welcome to contact them. The newest and latest posts are highlighted and
current discussions include SEO freebies, SEO software and services, black hat downloads,
spam, black hat SEO, black hat SEO tools and social networking.
2 Blackhatworld.com – http://
This site is a forum for SEO black hat, but registering is essential before you can post.
Forums include black hat SEO, white hat SEO, cloaking, black hat tools and social media and
the latest posts and threads are advertised. Other forums include money making,marketplace and the world of black hat where
you can gain information, tips and advice for your website on SEO. A blog and a news section can also be found and messages can be sent to other members.
3 Blackhatteam.com http://Blackhatteam.com
Blackhatteam is a black hat SEO forum with registering necessary before posting and
commenting. There is a full FAQ and threads can be viewed for topics such as buying, selling,
trading, SEO tools, SEO scripts, eBooks for black hat and black hat methods. A special section can
be found for white hat and affiliated marketing
with posts on pay-per-click and cost-per-action mentioned. There are suggestions for new members to help get you started and the
newest posts and threads are highlighted.
4 Bestblackhatforum.com – http://
This black hat forum has a special VIP section where members can earn money online and
offline through black hat SEO. Chat takes place in private and black hat tuition can be found
with a section for back-links and freebies. Current topics include making money, SEO
books, joint ventures and of course black hat methods. There are downloads and tools to
assist you and the latest posts are highlighted.
5. Warriorforum.com – http://
has discussions about making money online with articles and posts on
subjects such as social media, affiliate marketing, SEO, Adsense and e-commerce. There are support forums and private forums
with black hat topics discussed, but you have to join the site before reading and posting. The site has a very active and large community and private messages can be sent to individual members. There is also a calendar and a blog
and the help desk is open if you need it.



  1. Mine is blackhatgold. i am an active member
    in it and i do contribute immensely as well as
    gain from other members inputs in any SEO or
    IM topic being discussed at that point in time.


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