Black Hat Seo Discussion on black hat Forum – BlackHatGold

We all know the popular Black Hat Seo forum BlackHatGold that was founded in 2016.
BlackHatGold is now becoming more and more popular among internet marketer and more useful for learning Internet Marketing, search engine optimization techniques, Black Hat Seo, Cloaking, Blogging, Automatic Content Generation, blackhat money making methods.

BlackHatGoldhas grown into a real competitor in the Blackhat seo forum space. Just lastweek they passed 2,000 members and as of right now they
have 2,212. There are about 1,500 threads and about 13,000 posts. Pretty impressive numbers!
Well, earlier this week they. have released an new with an awesome new layout.

I love this new layout quite a bit because it’s a lot lighter than the last one. Everything blends together a lot better and it just makes the overall experience a lot smoother when reading
through the threads and posting. Besides the cool new layout, also added some new features to make the forum more and more appealing to blackhatters.

Networking opportunities are allowed at BlackHatGold, members can also sell products, share tricks and tips on how they’re succeeding online.
It’s a very welcoming community where rudeness and getting in the way of others reaching their goals would have one banned for
life from the site. If you can keep up with other site users, have strategies of your own to share
in internet marketing, SEO, and are as thirsty to succeed as the current members, guess you’d fit right in! But, if you’re the type who likes to start arguments in the forums and cause other types of problems, the forums and most any other sites you’re considering should be avoided.

The actual motive of the forum could be helpful in my option, but I do like the
direction they are going. Black Hat Gold is a forum that has active moderation so spammers aren’t welcome.
The forum are for people who want to rank their site higher and in blackhat seo.
They also have a white hat seo section on there.
The reason behind the relaunch was because I always saw the potential behind the idea, I have never envisioned BlackHatGold as a forum although to many that WAS the basis of the site. To me it was always going to be a complete “platform” and resource for everything Internet marketing, so the time was right to expand the site and get serious.
I know now the hard work starts and I have pledged my all to the
project and will not rest until I remain as the number internet marketer online.
The real value in BlackHatGold is definitely in the discussions going on in the forum. As their blackhat forum continues to grow so will the overall value of it.
There are some very smart
people contributing and there are some very good discussions going on. If you’re not already
a member, you should definitely check it out and consider joining. I’m a also there you’ll
definitely see me on there.


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